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Our Services

Finish Line provides services that matter

Our stream restoration and wetland mitigation construction projects help to reduce nutrients and control erosion in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. We install bio-filters and perform numerous erosion control measures to assist contractors during the development phase of new communities. Collectively our staff has over 180 years of experience in the construction industry. This level of commitment and knowledge from our staff ensures that our clients have a great experience.

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BMP’s Install & Maintenance

hydroseeding McDaniels property on the river 7.13.18.JPG

Hydroseeding & Erosion Control


Wetland Cleanup & Restoration

Stream Restoration
Bio Filters
Erosion Control
Wetland Cleanup and Restoration
  • Stream Banks

  • Urban Restorations

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Installation

  • Repairs

  • Super Silt Fence & Silt Fence

  • Hydroseeding

  • Strawblowing

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Inlet/Outlet/Outfall Protection

  • Matting/EC Blankets

  • Drill Seeding

  • SWPPP Inspections

  • Wetland Banks

  • Sediment Release Cleanup

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